Alexandru Papiu

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name’s Alex and I’m a Data Scientist at Simulmedia where I work on forecasting, optimization, and building Machine Learning models.

Before this I was an Insight Fellow and did a PhD in math at Washington University in St. Louis. During my PhD I focused on problems in discrete geometry, combinatorics, and graph theory.

I started this blog as a way to document my journey into the nebulous world of “data science” and as a way to learn. Now that I work in the industry I hope to continue using this as a way to explore novel and exciting ways in which science and data influence our everyday lives. I am especially interested in using interactive visualizations to facilitate better understanding of complex datasets and of complex processes in math and machine learning.

I do most of the analysis you see in:

  • Python (pandas, scikit-learn, numpy in jupyter notebooks)
  • R (tidyr/dplyr/data.table %>% ggplot2/htmlwidgets %<>% caret %>% Rmarkdown/Shiny)
  • SageMath (for pure math stuff)
  • I’ve also been dabbling in D3.js for interactive visualizations

I also try to keep my blog posts as reproducible as possible. You check out my code on Github.

I have also been known to ride bikes, eat tacos, take photos, play music, and think about urbanism.

If you have any questions comments or suggestions shot me an email or say hi on twitter or linkedin. The various way to contact me are at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for stopping by!